Membership is open to qualified firms and individuals upon written application or invitation and payment of a prescribed fee the Society in the approved category.

Qualifications for membership are:
Corporate members
Corporate membership is open to corporate organizations, non-governmental organizations and consulting firms dealing with hydrology. The number of members in this category is limited to five.
Honorary members
An honorary member is one who has rendered invaluable service to the water
sector. The number of members in this category will be determined by the Society from time to time. Their nomination will be done at Annual General Meetings.
Fellows are those members of the Society who have served as ordinary members for a minimum period of three years. They must have had responsibility in the practice of hydrology and related water sector programs and projects for at least five (5) years and published several technical papers in reputable journals.

Ordinary members
An ordinary member shall be a hydrologist admitted to the Society upon
application and payment of the prescribed fee and who will abide by the rules and regulations of the Society.

A companion is an individual who is not a professional in hydrology or its related disciplines but who has rendered important service in the field of hydrology and its applications. Admission of such member is agreed at an Annual General
Meeting of the Society.
Student membership is open to those studying hydrology and related subjects at the Universities or Polytechnics. Membership in this class shall expire one year after expiry of the study period of the member at the respective institution.

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